Growing Green Communities

2024 Crossing Borders Assembly: Spotlight on Sustainability

On May 16, 2024, Crossing Borders held its annual assembly, gathering a diverse group of attendees including organization members, board members, team members, external participants, and online attendees. This event served as a comprehensive overview of Crossing Borders’ key focus areas and ongoing projects, providing valuable insights and updates to all participants.

One of the highlighted projects during the assembly was the Growing Green Communities project. This project, which aims to foster sustainable and eco-friendly food consumption, youth empowerment, urban gardening, and the EU’s green transition, was thoroughly presented by Furkan Akay, the EU Program Coordinator at Crossing Borders and the project manager for Growing Green Communities. Akay provided an in-depth overview of the project’s primary objectives, significant outcomes, and notable achievements from previous years. His presentation offered a clear understanding of the project’s purpose, emphasizing its impact and future goals.

Throughout the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to engage with the content, reflect on the project’s purpose, and discuss its broader importance afterwards. This annual assembly not only highlighted the importance of Growing Green Communities but also reinforced Crossing Borders’ commitment to promoting sustainable development and environmental stewardship through its various projects.

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