Growing Green Communities

Growing Green Communities Training in Finland

From October 10 to 12, we, the Growing Green Communities Project partners, implemented another training course with nearly 60 students from Germany and Finland. Having the training hosted by Kalevan Lukio, we had various workshops conducted with the participants. During the training, our diverse workshops sparked meaningful conversations and shared insights, which you can find below:

Throughout the training, an array of workshops unfolded, each illuminating various aspects of sustainable living and community empowerment:

“Food Scaping” by the University of Copenhagen: This workshop was a lens into perceiving the food that surrounds us. It explored innovative methods of cultivating food within urban landscapes, redefining how we view and utilize our immediate environment.

“Co-design Communities” by CRN: Delving into the intricacies of creating local communities, this workshop encouraged collaborative efforts in redesigning and reimagining community spaces for inclusivity and sustainable growth.

“Finnish Forest Exploration with a Local Mushroom Guru”: Participants embarked on a captivating walk through the Finnish forest, guided by a local expert. The aim was to recognize and appreciate the edible treasures nestled within the natural surroundings.

“Health, Education, and Human Behavior” by USI: USI provided insights into the interconnectedness of health, education, and human behavior, emphasizing the need for holistic approaches to community development.

“Understanding Human Behavior for Sustainable Change” by USI: This workshop highlighted the crucial role of social marketing in influencing behavior for the greater social good. By understanding people’s values and motivations, in addition to exploring strategies for supporting behavioral change.

On the second day of training, we had a fun “Science Slam” competition between the project partners. Suzanne Suggs from USI won the competition, being chosen by majority who attended this session.
Following the end of the training session, a partner meeting was conducted between project partners to discuss the further steps of the project.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kalevan Lukio for graciously hosting this event, providing a nurturing environment for these impactful discussions and workshops.

The collaboration and enthusiasm of all participants and partners have propelled us toward our collective goal of fostering sustainable communities.

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