Growing Green Communities

Final Transnational Partners Meeting in Copenhagen

The final transnational partners meeting for the Growing Green Communities project was hosted by Crossing Borders on June 13th in Copenhagen, Denmark. This significant gathering brought together project partners from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and Switzerland, both physically and virtually, to finalize the project’s outcomes, discuss the impact of the project, and brainstorm the sustainability of the project after Erasmus+ grants came to an end.

Throughout the meeting, we primarily focused on the following objectives:

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Finalization of Project Results: We focused on concluding all aspects of the project and ensuring that all deliverables were completed satisfactorily.
  2. Preparation for Project Conclusion: Detailed discussions were held regarding the final reporting procedures and preparations required for the project’s conclusion.
  3. Sustainability Opportunities and Impact Expansion: We explored potential sustainability routes and strategies to widen the project’s impact beyond its initial scope.
  4. Promotion of Project Results: Strategies for disseminating the project’s results were discussed, including utilizing partners’ websites, creating online flyers, posting on each organization’s social media channels, and other communication platforms.
  5. Evaluation and Improvement of the Project Website: We evaluated the project website’s effectiveness and deliberated on enhancements to attract more interest from our target audience, particularly those interested in sustainability, climate change action, and community building around urban gardens.

We extend our sincere thanks to all project partners who participated in the meeting and contributed their efforts towards the success of the Growing Green Communities project.

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