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Tackling household food waste is one of the goals of the Growing Green Communities (GGC) project to achieve the “green transition”. On December 14, 2022, a training on strategies to reduce food waste and loss was moderated by Professor Bent E. Mikkelsen of the University of Copenhagen, and GGC partner. This training took place on the 3rd day of the event headed by the SESAM Project, where activities were centered on the exchange of knowledge of good practices in combating food waste. Participants from different countries inside and outside Europe had the opportunity to present their methods of mitigating food waste and learn from others. In the Sydhavan district of Copenhagen, training participants started the day with the “Walk & Talk” activity on green transition strategies and engagement on mitigating food waste, led by Professor Bent. Later, a panel discussion on the topic “The Local Approach to Tackling Food Waste” was held at the University of Aalborg. During the panel, participants had the opportunity to hear “WHAT” and “HOW” civil society and government CAN DO to combat food waste. Following the panel session, attendees visited Sydhavn’s school canteen to watch a demonstration of how food service coordinator Sabrina H. Brasch measures food waste and how this measurement leads to climate-friendly action. In addition, participants had the opportunity to sample Sydhavn’s school meals. Back at Aalborg University, participants attended another seminar to learn about food waste challenges and solutions based on experiences from the municipality of Copenhagen. This groundbreaking event enabled the exchange of knowledge and collaboration among participants to achieve the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goal number 12.3 Food Waste and Loss Reduction. Growing Green Communities partners benefited from learning different approaches to reducing food waste and work on co-creating innovative practices to be implemented among young students. Blog authors:Akay, Furkan; Mesiara, Giselle Previous Next

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