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Lectures and Workshops at Roskilde Festival 2022

“Climate Justice, Social Justice and Racial Justice” are the 2022 Roskilde Festival’s messages to its engaged climate activist volunteers, participants, and the world. The Erasmus + Growing Green Communities Project had the opportunity to be present during the festival, offering lectures and workshops to enhance the “Green Transition”. Food systems expert Professor Bent E. Mikkelsen of the University of Copenhagen gave a talk on food security and climate change, followed by a workshop on food waste created by Global Health Consultant and Growing Green Communities project coordinator Giselle M Mesiara. Both performances took place at the Green Market within Roskilde Festival Denmark which is one of the biggest and oldest festivals in Europe. On the 50th anniversary of the Roskilde Festival, the theme was “Music, Art, Activism and Freedom”, which is in line with the values of the NGO Crossing Borders, leader of the Growing Green Communities project.

The food waste workshop was conceived with the aim of showing Roskilde participants how #CLIMATE CHANGE affects #FOOD SECURITY and # OUR POCKETS, taking the commodity “Coffee” as an example. Since the Scandinavian countries are the biggest consumers of coffee in the world and the coffee plantation in South America has been extremely affected by climate changes in recent years that have increased cofffee prices. During the hands-on workshop, participants experienced how we can use coffee grounds sustainably, including to grow edible mushrooms or exfoliate dead cells from our hands. Roskilde participants said the workshop was informative and fun. These activities were part of International Growing Green Communities’ efforts to empower young people and adults to do what they can to fight climate change and help Achieve Global Health.
Roskilde Festival started with 2 students in August 1971 and had over 130,000 visitors in 2022.

Blog author: Mesiara, Giselle



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